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About us

History about the Oklahoma Quilt Trail:

Several Extension Educators traveled across the country to a meeting.  While driving, we began seeing beautiful squares painted in a quilt pattern and placed on the historic old barns.  Thus, our first experience of barn quilts.  The more we discovered, the more mesmerizing we became.  We realized we traveled our first Barn Quilt Trail.

After researching history of barn quilts, we learned Oklahoma was one of only two states without a barn quilt trail.  Our motivation to overcome that statistic set us on this journey to cover Oklahoma with barn quilts.

Oklahoma has a rich heritage of quilting.  Many of us have treasured quilts passed down through generations.  What an outstanding idea to combine quilting with building a barn quilt trail.  Educators were trained by Suzi Parron, Barn Quilt author and instructor.  Next, OSU Extension FCS Educators hosted a three-day seminar focusing on rural tourism, community pride and agritourism all related to building a barn quilt trail.  Suzi Parron instructed two classes on techniques to paint barn quilts.

FCS Educators began teaching painting workshops across the state with intentions of building the trail.  Adults, youth, and community leaders painted 2 x 2, 4 x 4 and 8 x 8 barn quilts. Securing locations for placement in prominent sight seeing locations was our main focus.

Covering the state with beautiful barn quilts for local patrons and tourist results in visitors to our small towns to experience the culture, the food and our greatest strength- the people.


The Oklahoma Barn Quilt Committee consist of:

Lynda Latta, FCS Educator in Ellis County.  She shares her enthusiasm with people of all ages through presentations and painting workshops.   Secured two grants to expand the development of the trail.  Conducted 4-H workshops at the county and state levels.  Presented to Oklahoma Arts Council, Red Carpet County Tourism Conference and college classes.  Her passion is to expand barn quilt trails and bring tourist to all parts of our unique state thus making an impact on economies and all communities to cash in on the Oklahoma Quilt Trails.


Rhonda DeVor, FCS Educator in Woodward County. She has been able to teach school children the skill of quilting through making barn quilts.  Using STEAM educational curriculum, 3rdand 4thgrade students created barn quilts that resulted in a community auction of 2 x 2 barn quilts painted by students.  The low-income school raised $3,500.00 for necessary needs in the school.

She was instrumental in painting the first 8 x 8 barn quilts for the Oklahoma Quilt Trail. These beautiful works of art are showcased in Vici, OK and in the Community of Shattuck.


Recia Garcia, Retired FCS Educator and District FCS Program Specialist. She reached out to her community to build the first barn quilt trail, including a facelift on the store front of three stores in downtown Vici, OK.  She was instrumental is locating placement for 8 x 8 barn quilts close to the highway for viewing.  Her precision and skill in painting detailed arts of work leave everyone astonished as they travel the quilt trail.  She secured numerous volunteers to paint and expand the trail. Approached by community leaders, she developed a barn quilt event “Barn Quilt Bonanza” to award prizes for painters and encourage youth skills in a coloring contest.  She was also instrumental in working with the Texas Longhorn Association to provide barn quilt painting sessions during the world show held in Northwest Oklahoma.  She has volunteered numerous hours to painting and instruction focused on building the Oklahoma Quilt Trails.


Jean Bailey, FCS Educator in Dewey County. Securing two grants allowed Oklahoma Quilt Trail committee to host Suzi Parron as guest speaker and workshop instructor for an educational seminar “Cash in on Quilt Trails.”    Jean developed the Oklahoma Quilt Trails Facebook page and worked with 4-H youth to paint 8 x 8 barn quilts placed in Dewey County.